About Us

Fab Cakes specialises in freshly baked both egg and egg-free cakes using the finest ingredients with an impeccable finishing by our extremely skilled chefs. We are passionate about creating the most delicious cake and offer a Signature Collection of Birthday Cakes, Kids Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Anniversaries Cakes, Novelty Cakes etc. Though we are new and young , we have a small highly dedicated & Talented team to offer you a best service as we are guided and well run by a extremely experienced chefs who bakes the amazing cakes with a keen eye for details & flavour to satisfy your taste buds. We go to an extra mile to source the highest quality ingredients, conduct a recipe testing regularly before we bring it you as we truly love and care for you. We have over 200 Designs and variety of cakes to enrich your experience with us and make your special occasions more memorable with our finely baked cakes.

We run a lovely and attractive retail in one of the busiest high street in East London, where you will experience best hospitality and enjoy our best brewed coffees, chai, wide range of delicious desserts, mocktails, smoothies, milkshakes and more. 

our mission

We aim to provide a large selection of customized cakes while nurturing our customers in terms of excellent service, extremely delicious cakes along with building a closely knitted customer community.

our vision

To provide an array of handcrafted confectionery made with love right at your doorstep. We believe in going over and above to satisfy customer expectations starting from our production to the delivery of our confectionaries.

our philosophy

“Where there is a cake there is a way”

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